Welcome to KO Racing

KO Racing is a privately owned race team setup by Keith O'Brien.

Global GT1 (Also know as Global GT Light).

2011 Season 

In 2011 we will be running with the 750 Motor Club in the Bikesports series.

See "Race Calendar" for details.

Over the last few months there has been some furious work to get the upgrades to cooling and fueling systems manufactured, fitted and tested.

Finally at the end of April we had the engine mapped on the rollers at DayTuner in Harrogate.

Before the season started we had the setup checked by Graham Hathaway, the highly experienced owner of GH Racing and man behind the Global GT Light Cars. He was in attendance to get a good base setting for the car. 

The setup of my car was found to be a long way from ideal, with various comments on how bad it was being muttered.  A session and half later and various minor adjustments and the car, to me, seems transformed.  I would go as far as to say I thought it WAS as different car.

Latest News

29/04/11 - Dyno Session @ Daytuner - Harrogate

Next Planned Outing:

  • 750MC Bikesports Race -Snetterton 200 - Date: 22nd May 11